Cooking Competition =)

Unlike other days , today have been a very special day. Today, my aunty have taken part in a $18,000 worth prize competition. It is a competition where two different generation in the family have to come together and whip up one dish using Knorr’s seasoning product. My aunt have came up with the idea of cooking my Grandma’s meatball soup. It was quite confusing when choosing the type of ingredient for the dish because we are picking out those that really compliment this dish. For eg, we must consider which noodle to be used , if we use the normal bee hoon, by the time the judges try our food , the beehoon might have been soaked and thus the soup may not taste as nice. Many considerations have been taken and finally we had decided to use korean’s glass noodle. Its chewy and does not suck the soup as fast.
The preparation was quite smooth and it tasted really good. My aunt really put in alot of effort because she needs the $18k for her new house’s kitchen.

A little introduction for the dish , It has been passed down by 3 generation. It is very convenient to be cooked and the time taken for preparation is very short . with the current society , where parents are working till quite late with the hectic working schedule daily , this dish surely helps the parents by cutting down the cooking time and also serving a delicious meal. In the past , our grandparents have to slowly boil the soup into flavours , but now with Knorr , not only we take shorter time , it also make the soup flavouful. This is very helpful and essential for people who are working in Singapore today.
And to that , this is Grandma’s meatball recipe

Soup base
: 700ml water
1 cube
Meat balls :
110g fish paste
160g mince pork
Few slice of carrots (optional)
Spring onions (optional)
A pinch of Pepper for tasting
1tsp of sesame oil
1 water chestnut

Korean noodles :
A handful of korean noodle

Recipe :
1) Boil the plain water .
2) When water boils (sprinkle with some oil and salt), scald the vegetable.
3) Mix fish paste , mince pork , diced carrots , water chestnut , spring onions and sesame together for meatballs while waiting vegetable to be cooked.
3) Remove the cooked vegetable and scald the korean sweet potato noodle
5) While waiting for sweet potato noodle to be cooked , ball up the meat paste into meat balls.
4) Pour away used water from the pot and replace it with 700ml of new plain water
5) When water boils , throw in a cube of Knorr’s chicken stock and add a pinch of white pepper into it.
6) when stock dissolves , add in the meat balls to cook .
7) when the meat ball floats up , add in the cooked sweet potato noodle.
8) Garnish with fried shallots and vegetables and some chilli before you serve.

i sincerly hoped that you have enjoyed the recipe .

Picture of Grandma’s meatballs soup :

thunder roaring , lightning striking , a super great weather to sleep today. However , i got woke up by my parents for our family breakfast. As soon as i finish brushing up, we went to block 815 for a piping hot bowl of laksa for this freezing cold weather. It felt great slurping the coconut laksa soup which is so smooth and such a delicacy for a weather like this. While eating , my mother shared a joke with us. It was nobody but my cute grandmother. She is 85 years old this year and diagnosed me senile alzheimer. Having this symptom is not that bad for her actually , from the positive view , she forgets negative stuff really easily and this allow her to lead a happier life as she have no troubles in mind. However , the bad side of the symptom is that she will forget her children one by one as time pass. Even so , my uncles and aunties never gave up on her , they only want her to be happy and live on cheerfully everyday. A fun side about her having the symptom is she keeps asking the same question for etc. ;” have you eaten already?” 2 minutes after every answering. This cause the person who answered to get irritated but have to calm down because it was my grandmother. That scene will always be comical when the person starts getting irritated but have to tolerate all her questions.

Just last week , my relative have decided to bring my grandmother to melaka to celebrate Mother’s day. Sadly , my mum wasn’t able to join the trip since she was in singapore. hence , she called my grandmother and sang her “shi shang zhi you ma ma hao” (世上只有妈妈好). My mother was told that after she sang it to my grandmother , my grandmother (of course) forgots who sang it to her. But on the way for shopping , she kept singing the song repeatedly while sitting on her wheel chair. My cousin who pushed her felt kindly embarassed because people thought he was bringing an handicapped elderly out to sing and earn money! It may sound very comical but when i imagine the scene of my grandma sitting on the wheelchair , smiling and singing the song , i felt very touched. Nobody stopped her and she was singing happily along the street. That type of happiness and confidence from a old lady really inspire me to write this blog today.

It may not be a very big moment or incident to many , but to me , i could really felt how happy my grandmother was. Even if it was just a song. A song dedicated to her , i guess she could really feel my mum’s blessing to her and that is why she felt so happy and sang on the road. This happiness is a type of emotion rarely seen on old folks nowadays , kids just grumbles at how irritating this elders are. But hey , have you ever wondered who was the one who made you who you are today? Yes , its your ancestor , your elders , your parents. They may not have make a very big impact that can be seen in your life , but somehow they must have made you who you are today.

So , i encouraged everyone to start slowing down your footstep in your life and appreciate the people who contributed to you. They will really love the time you spend with them and whats more important than a family love ?

Mother’s Day

Rise and Shine ! Its another typical morning but that day was Mother’s day , Its a little different as compared to the usual mornings. I have to get ready my mini ” surprise” for my lovely mother. So I had my breakfast with my brother and father in the morning around 9am at Blk 9xx. After breakfast , my brother and I decided to buy the flowers and cake for my mum at jurong point. HOWEVER , he was sticked onto my laptop for Dota and in the end , I have to go to Jurong point myself to purchase the cake and flower myself. It was a 1kg heart shape swensen’s ice cream cake and 2 bouquet of flower ( one for my aunty , one for my mum). It was kind of a struggle when boarding the bus because the cake box was pretty big and with my “wonderful” balancing skill , I hit on the railings quite a few times. Just like a humpty dumpty haha! Although there was quite some shaking and knocking , my cake was able to “survive” by its shape.

At around 1pm , my mother finally arrive home. And guess what , instead of surprising her first , she surprised us with our favourite fast food : KFC! and Fried YouTiao. It was such a delicacy but we felt a little guilty because it was mother’s day but our mum was the one who treats us food. We then present the mini “surprise” for our mum and she smiled so sweetly when she read the letter. I could feel the type of happiness she was having and I was really glad I made her that card. Mum told me that she was really touched and she really appreciate what we have done except for the fact that my brother only know how to write I LOVE YOU in letter for the past 15 years. We laugh and chat for a bit before eating the Ice cream cake. It was the red velvet swensen cake , in my opinion , I thought the cake was a little too plain and there was still some uncooked flour smell. Not a very delicious cake to me but for my mum , she said it was fantastic because she love the vanilla ice cream in it.

We spent the whole day together at home. Chilling at the couch and watching some Hindi movie , after that we ate fried beehoon for dinner and soon it was time for sleeping. It have been a very simple day but I guess that our parents really like us to spend time with them. The thoughts of children by their side and laughing together with them really helps them to de-stress and feel warm. So , Spend more time with your parents =D

A picture of my favourite Youtiao :  

My mum with her carnation =) : ( pardon her nightie) hehe :

Good Life. Good Dish

What is better than coming home  able to eat good food and have a good night rest? Nothing I guess? Well , it may just be like any other typical day but these day when we can eat , play and sleep …. its a blessing. We should cherish what many of us are having today. Unlike poor countries where people have to go through starvation , we are so bless that we can even choose what type of food we want to eat.

It was a rainy day. The journey from school to home for me is such a hassle , bus then train then bus again. I have to take 1hr30min to reach my house though it is only Jurong ( really pity those friends living at the east side).Like I’ve said , it was a rainy day and people were trying to squeeze into the buses and train so that they can reach home sweet home as soon to have their rest.  Talking about SQUEEZING, Its really those type of squeezing that you can smell each other breathe which really is disgusting ,  it is really those type of squeezing you don’t want to be in. Its like everyone is sweaty and tired and packed into the train like canned sardine. You can feel the sticky-ness of another person as you are literally sticking to him. If you are lucky enough , you get someone who smells good , then you will have a better journey home. Trust me , is the smell that matters most. Not trying to be bad or sarcastic but really. Squeezing in the trains or buses are like going through hell before reaching heaven. Did I mention heaven? Yes! After 1 hour and a half I finally reached “heaven” which is my home sweet home.

Upon reaching my home’s corridor , I could smell the aroma of my mother’s delicious nyonya dishes. I was glad that mum cooked those delicacy that day because I really felt that if good food don’t come in that night , it would be my WORST day ever. Sticky , Sweaty , Smelly , Rainy , what’s more? Anyways , Mum cooked prawn egg which is a very famous dish in Chinese restaurant , we call it ( xia ren dan ). It is a fried omelet with small but fat shrimps. Next was the Ayam ponteh , its a black bean paste chicken with potatoes( my favourite) . Thirdly was Asam prawn , something sour and sweet at the same time. Which depict my day kind of well ( haha ) . Lastly was my favourite vegetable : Nai Bai. It have a very sweet and juicy stem and crunchy leaf.  Having a warm dinner under a cold day was kind of great , made me felt very comfortable and cozy. That instance , I started to love the rain which I hated earlier on. Irony isn’t it . Teenagers at my age nowadays are just like that , never happy of what we get , but who cares , we are the strawberry generation and  Life still rock on.

A picture of the food :

First Journal ( Hobby )

Hello everyone out there , thanks for reading my blog and I hope you continue to  read on the updates on my blog. Since this is my first post of my journal. I would like to do a self introduction about myself so that you can know me better. My name is Gan Shoau Huay , people normally pronounce it as ( Gun Shao Hui ) , I am a Malaysian , this explains why I have a more different type of spelling pronunciation for my name as my parents do not excel much in their English. I am from Melaka, Malaysia , It is a  well known part of Malaysia  for the red houses and Jonker street where tourist purchases cheap souvenirs and enjoy a delicious bowl of homemade cendol from one of the shop houses with a history of more than 70 years. I visit my grandparents back at Malaysia once I have my holidays and we normally tour around Malaysia during the Holiday so that we get to know our country better. Malaysia is quite a big country as compared to Singapore , hence there are still places I have never been to and would like to sight-see once I got the chance to. My favorite hobby is to explore and  to do handicraft. I find that handicraft is a very good activity for me to unleash all my “creativity juices” and also present the handmade pieces to my love one.

Since Mother day is around the corner , my boyfriend and I got together yesterday and decided to make a handmade mother day card. We took a few hours before we could finish one card because it was quite tedious to paste the beads one by one and  glue get stuck on our hand which make the crafting area quite messy. However , our main intention was to make a very beautiful card with our heart and  present it to our lovely mothers who have been contributing her life to us for such a long time. It may not be a very expensive gift but like what others say , ” It is the heart that count most”. As I was making the card , thoughts of my mum smiling when she receive the card and getting touched makes me even more assured that what I was doing is correct and essential. Throughout the years , I find that many of my friends do not celebrate mother’s day with their mother because they find it pointless and their mother don’t really care much about it. However , I think it is a must to celebrate mother’s day because it is the day when u can come together as a family and thank your mum for her contribution to the family. Yes , you can treat everyday as mother day but wouldn’t you like to do a little more during mother’s day and make her feel like those other mums outside enjoying the bless form their children ? They sure do I guess. So everyone , I would like to encourage you to make a simple card during this weekend and present it to your lovely mother. It may not be a huge impact but I ensure you , she will feel really great on that day. For at least she know that her contributions are acknowledged and she is loved.

Anyways the picture is the card I have made yesterday 🙂